Budget Underwater Camera Rentals

Rent underwater camera systems, marine and splash housings, underwater lighting, underwater sound and communications equipment, and any accessories necessary for your production. Call us TOLL FREE 800-772-1111 to set up your custom underwater production package. For all of your production needs, please visit BudgetVideo.com

David Haylock with Jacques-Yves Cousteau The CEO of Budget Video Rentals, David Haylock, is an underwater DP who also invented numerous underwater housings over the years. Here, pictured with Jacques-Yves Cousteau, is the housing that was the top of the production industry for nearly two decades, the BetaMarine with color monitoring, onboard paintbox, and electric focusing.

Our Budget Underwater division of Budget Video Rentals offers a wide variety of underwater toys, housings for all the popular cameras of the day, and accessories, communications, lighting, storm housings, splash housings, and more. If nothing exists to meet your needs, we will work on inventing something to do it.

Some of Our Popular Underwater Gear: